[Tutorial] Customize UCCW Skin color/ hotspots

This tutorial is going to guide you how to change UCCW skin color or hotspot application. (For version 2.9.15 +)

Before make changes, add a widget on home screen, read this article if you have no idea to do so

After added a widget on home screen, you can change skin color or change hotspot application by following steps below.

1. Add "UCCW Hotspots Toggle" on home screen, and touch it to unlock the toggle

2. Hotspot mode has been turned off, then press on uccw widget to enter the edit page below. You may see more than one object you are allowed to make modification. Choose the object you want to make changes.
3. After changes made, go back to home screen and lock the toggle to enable hotspot mode. Now when press on your widget, it should redirect to designated application.
(You may remove the toggle if don't need anymore)

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  1. Great tutorial!
    Here's what i have made: http://goo.gl/sIDa3m