Customize your Android with ADW/ Apex/ GO Ex/ Nova Launcher

ADW/ Apex/ GO Ex/ Nova are the best desktop launchers replacement.

What is launcher? Why do you need a launcher?

With these FREE launchers, you can apply themes, change icons appearance, wallpaper, adjust widgets size and icons size, and enjoy a lot of visual effects, etc. I.E. Manage your home screen and app drawer.

- ADW.Launcher works with Android version 1.6+, you can apply icon framework, but not change icon appearance one by one. It is recommended for old devices.

- GO Launcher Ex works with Android version 2.0+, there are not only basic functions, but also millions widgets you can choose. The only disadvantage is it eats a lot of resources. It is recommended if you do not have Ice Cream Sandwich or above yet. However, if you feel slow, try ADW then.

- Apex and Nova Launcher only work with Android version 4.0+, they provides strong features and visual effects, as well as excellent performance, they both response very fast but won't eat your system resource. It is recommended if you already own ICS or above.

There are also other popular launchers in Play Store, like Holo Launcher, which is a nice alternative besides mentioned above.
Not all launchers support high customization, e.g. customize theme and icon pack. Therefore, these are the launchers I suggest.

Please read the relative articles to see how to apply theme to your Android.
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